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If you want help figuring out the best SEO strategy for your site, and you don’t want to commit to monthly payments for an ongoing SEO management services, we can give you a straight-forward master plan you can take into action right now!


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Our SEO Audit Services Guide

We’ve outlined what you should anticipate from an in-depth SEO audit, as well as the advantages of having one. It’s a good read even if you’ve already had an audit done, and we’d want to set a benchmark for the sort of SEO audit service that a professional SEO company should provide.


An SEO audit is a thorough examination of a website’s current state that aims to detect and resolve any problems that might be preventing it from ranking well on search engines.

Any issues that are discovered can be addressed and fixed to stay up with the most recent SEO standards.

After they’ve gathered all of the information, an SEO audit service will provide you with a comprehensive view of your site and an easy-to-follow strategy.

When you bring your car in for an annual checkup, there may be problems found that you were not aware of, even if everything appears to be in good order.

Annual service is essential for detecting the sorts of hidden issues that might develop into bigger problems over time and leave you stranded on the side of the road. SEO audits are not unlike this; we can virtually guarantee your site will have some problems related to its health or potential harm.

If these issues are discovered and addressed as soon as possible, they can boost rankings and prevent a site from incurring algorithmic or manual penalties in the future. A few changes to your website may be all it takes for you to surpass a rival that was outranking you.

An SEO audit has the potential to enhance both your visitors’ and search engines’ experiences. It will not only identify difficulties that might be affecting your site’s performance in the eyes of the search engines, but it will also offer recommendations for how you can improve their experience.

Following up on findings from an audit may improve your ranks and bring more visitors. Implementing the required modifications after an SEO audit will result in free organic traffic and a higher ROI for your online campaigns.

If your website is not living up to its full potential, you may cut costs by reducing your ad spend. At no additional charge, organic traffic can provide you with targeted leads or sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week..

Another advantage of having an SEO audit is that once you’ve had one and the problems affecting your site have been identified, you’ll know what to look for in the future and won’t make the same mistakes again.

Your Site Can Benefit from SEO Audits Services If:

  • If this is your first time having an SEO evaluation
  • Your website is getting lower ranking or less traffic
  • Your website is static and hasn’t evolved much since you launched it
  • You’ve just launched a new website and need it to perform properly from the start
  • You’ve made some major updates to your website or have just recently migrated it
  • You have a lot of people working on your site
  • Your site is taking a long time to load
  • Your site has a poor bounce rate
  • You work in a competitive market

The SEO Audits we conduct are among the most comprehensive in the business. We look for hundreds of individual indicators that may be affecting your site’s performance.

We analyze technical, on-page, off-page, content, and site architecture SEO in detail. We also take into account the sort of site we’re examining, such as a local firm with distinct SEO issues from an international eCommerce company.

Many SEO audit services provide you with a pre-formatted report, but ours is a customised one that includes both conventional as well as niche-specific SEO techniques.

It’s difficult to describe everything we offer in our SEO audit services in a single post, but here are some of the most important items we check during an audit:

  • We assess numerous difficulties, including indexing issues, crawl errors, and optimization, as well as site and page speed, robots.txt, XML site maps, redirects, and mobile usability.
  • We check out a variety of on-site aspects, including site architecture, organized data [Schema], keyword research, user experience (UX), internal links, and this is just the beginning.
  • We check for a variety of problems, including title tags and meta descriptions that are missing or inadequately optimized, duplicate content, keyword cannibalization concerns, thin or low-quality content, broken images and image alt-tags that are missing.
  • We also do a comprehensive analysis of your link profile to ensure that there are no harmful links in it.
  • Additional verification would be conducted at the local level, such as NAP consistency, GMB listings, and local structured data.

That is just a brief summary of the work that will be required. Your assigned SEO professional will examine hundreds of variables to ensure that your website is optimized.

DeVile Digital Marketing is a cutting-edge SEO firm with some of the top brains in the industry. With a proven track record of delivering first-rate SEO services, we’ve established ourselves as industry leaders.

Let’s be clear that if you hire us for an SEO audit, we will take our time – there are numerous other businesses that can supply you with a report much faster. Is this truly what you want: a machine-generated assessment? DDM is unique since we have meticulous attention to detail: some would say obsessive.

To others, SEO may appear to be a foreign language; especially if you are not familiar with the terms such as robot.txt, XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and so on. While many website owners may be familiar with SEO words for others, it would be daunting. That’s why we make our reports simple to understand and actionable.


If we didn’t address your concerns, please see if the following answers to frequently asked questions are helpful. Do you still have any queries? Please feel free to get in touch with us for further information.

We have a team of top-notch professionals on staff with an extensive understanding of today’s SEO. All of them are well-versed in numerous specialized tools, as well as a proven method for detecting any issues your site may be facing. This work is done manually.

Our SEO audit services begin at around USD 2,800. It is determined by the size of the website.

Once you’ve paid for an audit, we’ll add you to our list, and one of our Senior SEO specialists will be assigned to complete your review. It won’t take more than seven weeks, but our SEO audits are highly sought after, so make a move quickly if you want to sign up.

Our SEO assessments include a variety of sophisticated tools and hands-on expertise to evaluate your website. This isn’t your typical paint-by-numbers SEO audit; rather, it’s a deep dive by an experienced SEO specialist into everything there is to know about search engine optimization.

No, the implementation of this service isn’t included, but we provide simple instructions so that you or your developer can put it into action. If you want a full hands-off approach to SEO, we do offer comprehensive monthly SEO services.

A website is a dynamic entity, as is Google and the other search engines, and it will be determined by your budget.

New search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and solutions are constantly evolving. As a result, ongoing comprehensive SEO evaluation is required.

A check every six months to a year is usually sufficient. If you’ve added any significant new content, rebuilt your site, or made major changes in other ways, such as by migrating it to another host, an SEO audit should be carried out soon after.

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