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Since I started taking on clients outside affiliate marketing just a short time ago, we have managed several businesses and have over 25 case studies of first page rankings on YouTube, Google search, and Google Maps. We have never had to refund one customer with our rank or you don’t pay offer.

My plan was to concentrate on SEO only, however, when I spoke to most of you, you were looking for much more than just that one service.

I heard you loud and clear.

DeVille Digital Marketing is now being rebranded and unifying with amazing talent under Diversified Digital Marketing.

I took my time with this transition because I wanted to make sure we had top shelf service levels across the board.

Diversified will be able to handle Social Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, SEO, and more.

We can take on most businesses however, there are a few niches that are not a good fit.

If you are tired of the corporate marketing BS and want a service that has your best interests in mind not just what’s good for our pockets, contact me and we can have a no pressure chat.

Contact me at [email protected]

Or give us a call at 725-227-9121

You can also contact me on my cell: 725-272-4305

SEO still works, but whatever your marketing strategy is, we can optimize it for better returns at a competitive rate.

I think you’ll be impressed with this new collective of talent.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Victor D

Diversified Digital Marketing Team