starts at $12.00 for 200 then $5.00 for each additional 100

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy up to 200 signals at a time, but we won’t allow you to submit multiple URLs in the same package.

Drip feeding is the act of adding social signals naturally over a period of time by only creating a specific amount each day for a length of time. Over 10 days, every one of our packages is dripfed.

If you have content you think may not be accepted, please contact us BEFORE you order with the detail of your content and we will get back with you with an answer.

Sending signals to both your homepage URL and any interior pages you’re attempting to rank or are building links to is a good idea.

There is a set-up period between when you get your processing confirmation e-mail and the start of the signals. This set-up time is typically 24 to 48 hours long.

Without being friends with the person who posted the content, Facebook’s privacy policy prohibits users from seeing shared material.

We recommend using a third-party public social signals checker like to manually double-check your signal count if you wish to do so.

Unfortunately, we have a minimum of 200 social signals per URL.

Yes, absolutely. The location of your website has no bearing on our capacity to provide social indicators.

When your order is completed, you will receive an email notifying you that it has been finalized, at which point you may check the initial and final signal counts for your order in your ‘My Account’ section.

This is often the case because your checker hasn’t yet completely cached or registered your signal totals. There are a few more reasons for this, including: You changed the URL from HTTP to HTTPS during the campaign. You decided to 301 (redirect) the URL halfway through the campaign.

Twitter has also revised the way their button works in November of 2015 These figures are no longer available to the public, but you can learn more about it below: CLICK HERE

At the moment, social signals are not available as a subscription, but you may pick them up on a monthly basis. We’ll update you once we know more about subscriptions.


No. We don’t allow social media URLs (eg: Facebook, Twitter).


The majority of the signals originate in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia.


When a person posts your provided URL on their social media account, it generates a social signal. As a result, you obtain a social back-link, or social signal.


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