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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. Our bulk content order discounts are as follows:

5k-49k words — 10% discount
50k-99k words — 15% discount
100k+ words — 20% discount

Please contact us to learn how to best place your bulk content order.

We always aim to deliver most content orders to you within six working days. However, depending on the length of your order, it could take longer.

If you need your content within a strict time frame, please email us first at [email protected] before placing your order to check if we’ll be able to fulfill it in time for you. We will do our best to fit reasonable requests in!

Yes you can. Every type of content has an edit or rewrite option available if needed. Please contact us should you have an issue with your order, or have a question prior to ordering.

If you can’t decide which content type is best for you, email us with a quick outline of what you need and details of your project, and we will point you in the right direction.

If you require edits or a rewrite for your order, you have one month from the date of delivery to make this request. Simply email [email protected] with details and we will take care of the rest.

This is dependent on your objectives. We usually recommend that blog or article content be at least 500 words long. If you’re stumped, email us with a description of the type of material you want and we’ll try to suggest a suitable length limit.

Surfer is a program that studies data and ranks results based on keywords searched by users. We utilize their Content Editor feature to create Surfer Optimized content. To discover exactly what the Surfer’s Content Editor performs, check out their site here.

We love their service that much that we’ve created a full content product using it!

Please be advised that to obtain Surfer material, you’ll need your own Surfer SEO account and a Surfer Content Editor URL. Our writers will write content directly into your Content Editor link for you. Please don’t download your keyword research and upload it as an upload file – manually checking keyword density is too time-consuming.

Yes. All of our writers are either citizens or nationals of the United States or the United Kingdom. We employ a large number of authors who have earned college degrees in professional writing and rhetoric.

We’ll take on just about anything, but we won’t write about weapons, defamatory material, or anything that we consider objectionable.

We’ll return your money if your order isn’t approved. We’ll tell you why if it isn’t accepted. Send us a message before placing an order to find out whether we can write it or not if you’re unsure about its niche.

We can’t guarantee this because the writer may or may not be available. If you were satisfied with your article and want to use the same writer again, we’ll see whether the writer is free at that moment – but this isn’t guaranteed.

We don’t want this to happen, but if it does, please contact us in detail regarding what you dislike about it. This helps us figure out exactly what needs to be changed and how we may do better the next time around. We’ll then engage the author or an editor to make your requested changes.

To lower the chance of being dissatisfied with your content, be as specific as possible when placing an order. Tell us anything about the formatting requirements, themes you want addressed, or anything else that will assist us in delivering exactly what you require the first time.

Yes. We check all material through Copyscape before it gets delivered to ensure that it meets our standards. The only exception is if your order includes an address, or you need specific product names from sites like Amazon – which rarely passes.

The “Other” heading is for material that does not belong to any of our existing content categories, such as analytical blogs that need significant research and referencing or a lead generating page. If you’re unsure about where your content should be categorized, send us an email with specifics about what you want and we’ll assist you!

How can we help you?

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Send us your name, email, website, and any detailed information you can provide about the project, and we’ll get back to you within 24-hours with a plan to get to First Page on Google.

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